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ContainerCoat ©

The challenge
Rubbish bags and bulk waste next to containers instead of in them, sometimes even mountainhigh: unfortunately, a recognizable image for many Dutch people. It’s no coincidence that rubbish litter has been part of the top 3 annoyances in neighbourhoods for years. How can we reduce this daily clutter of bulky bags and rubbish? The municipality of Rotterdam approached us with this question at the end of 2017.

This challenge turned out to be tailor-made for ANDC. By cleverly combining insights from behavioural science with creativity, we came up with a product that positively influences the perception of a container. With our intervention, we created a flower garden on the container plate through which people experience an intuitive barrier to dumping rubbish: the ContainerCoat was born.

Did the ContainerCoat have an effect? Absolutely!
In Rotterdam, our recycled plastic gardens with flowers and box hedges have led to a long-term reduction of rubbish litteringby 70%. Of course, this  did not go unnoticed; so now there are more than 300 ContainerCoats in 45 Dutch and Belgian municipalities. And now the first municipalities in Denmark have already registered!