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Solar Safety ©

The challenge
On average, two-thirds of Dutch people experience unsafe traffic situations during the winter due to a lack of lighting. It is also striking that cyclists often simply forget to switch on their lights, which applies more for young people. Research shows that the right trigger at the right time leads to a significant increase in switching on  bicycle lighting. But how do you communicate during the twilight/dark in locations where the target behaviour must take place? The province of Noord Brabant asked ANDC to think along with this challenge.

Our solution: Solar Safety
After many sessions with behavioural researchers, designers and product developers, we designed and developed Solar Safety: a self-sufficient 4G information screen for all behavioural messages and communication. This communication device works on solar energy and is portable. The Solar Safety is already being used along cycle paths and at bicycle parking facilities in schools and sports associations.

However, the application possibilities are endless: at all locations where an effective message must be conveyed to the target group, the Solar Safety can offer a solution!