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Driving behaviour residential zones

The challenge
How do you ensure that motorists drive more slowly on 30km/h roads? That is the question we received from the province of Noord Brabant.

Subconscious influence
We came up with two types of expressions that we tested extensively on a number of roads in Brabant. One expression displayed the text “Thank you for driving slower” with which we mainly wanted to inform and therefore respond to the conscious level. Our research revealed only very limited effects. The other expression was an image of playing children with which we wanted to appeal on the more subconscious level of behaviour. The theory (priming) is that motorists immediately behave differently when they see children playing.

Effective behavioural change
And that really had an effect! Where previously the average speed was 52km/h, the speedometer now averaged 42km/h. And after the expressions had been up for a while, this behaviour remained constant, so we suspect that the behaviour was conditioned.

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