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Did you know…
… that cigarette butts are the most discarded pieces of waste on the street? The Stembak is a waste bin for butts and makes it attractive to throw it away. The strong constructed bin can be provided with different kinds of choice questions.

How do you vote?
The user must first put out the butt on a steel plate. The butt can then be thrown into the desired container that represents the users answers to the question. Emptying the Stembak is also very easy.

Why does this work?
Due to its notable green color, it’s recognizable in the environment. The bin is provided with a choice question that is tailored to the location. And it remains attractive by regularly changing the question. The results of the votes are immediately visible. It is fun and playful to vote, and to throw the butts away. In short, fewer butts on the floor.


  • (Football clubs) Who is the best football player in the world? Ronaldo – Messi
  • (Schools) The school canteen needs to offer more healthy food. Yes/No
  • (Cities) This city must offer free WiFi in the citycenter. Yes/No
  • (Events) How should we handle wild pissers? Warning – Enforcement

Are you interested or do you have questions? Send a message or contact Gijs – gijs@andc.nl or 06 22 95 22 14