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Social signing

What is Social Signing?
By deploying the right signing in the right place, ANDC guides people’s behaviour in a positive and creative way. We believe in positive communication and prefer to state the right target behaviour rather than  say with a blaming finger what is not allowed. Visual communication using many icons is our trademark. Precisely and simply, the message is immediately recognisable and can be understood by all nationalities.

What can we do for you?
ANDC completely relieves the burden from you as a client with all the social signing you want to apply. We like to think along early in the process about the content of the desired signing. What is the problem situation, which target group does it concern and what is the desired target behaviour? We then translate the desired communication messages into effective designs.

How does it work?
Actually, communicating these designs can be done in many ways. Of course, they can be shared online, but we can also print almost everything to convey certain messages offline at  locations where behaviour occurs (signs, flyers, stickers, banners, bicycle labels, etc.). Murals, wrapping containers or painting other objects is also something we often use for presentation. In addition, we have also been working for many years with environmentally friendly soil expressions that have a very high attention value. We think it is especially important that communication fits in with the right target group so that the desired message really comes across and we can really influence behaviour positively.

And what else?
In addition, ANDC also provides complete campaigns. We arrange everything to completely relieve the burden from you as a client. So, one point of contact for both the plan of action and complete execution and delivery of all required materials. We have gained considerable experience with this in recent years and are happy to use our knowledge on your behalf.

Attached are two brochures with some examples and inspirations of behavioural interventions that we can provide. One is more general and the other is aimed at housing associations.