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Solar Safety © 4G

Why  Solar Safety 4G

It is the way of communicating in public spaces. Much of the  communication (off- and online) about safety and quality of life proves ineffective. A poster or flyer is hardly seen anymore, and online people are bombarded with so much information that it is difficult for a particular item to stand out. Often, consciousness and intention are in order.  It is well known , for example, that the smartphone must be stored when cycling and that rubbish must not be placed outside a  container.

We believe in the final push. The right message at the right time at the right location. In behavioural psychology, we call this a ‘nudge’.

What is the Solar Safety 4G?
It is a 65,000 pixel LED screen that can receive messages from a distance. Text/icons/gifs/movies. It is self-sufficient and portable and  therefore suitable for a wide range of purposes.

What does it consist of?
The mobile screen with 65,000 pixels charges using a solar panel and is supplied with battery housing. No hassle with electricity and cables. The screen is visible both during the day and in the evening and is activated by a motion sensor. Thanks to the built-in 4G computer, it can be operated remotely. Different messages can be communicated at different times on the screen.

Applications Solar Safety
The system can be attached to a pole at desired locations. Think of cycle paths, public place, squares or at waste containers. For support of bicycle safety, quality of life or for communication regarding waste containers. By regularly changing the ‘message’ we keep the attention value high.

It is possible to rent the Solar Safety 4G for temporary campaigns, for example.

Solar Safety 4G. Anytime-Anywhere-Any Message.

More information? Leave a message on the site or ask for Gijs Meulepas.

gijs@andc.nl or +31 6 22 95 22 14