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Why  Solar Safety?
Clear, concise and playful information at the right time at the right location. A push towards the right behaviour (nudge). That’s what we believe at ANDC. Behavioural change is not about creating intentions, but about building bridges between intentions and behaviour. Solar Safety responds to this.

What is  Solar Safety?
Solar Safety is a self-sufficient LED-illuminated ‘traffic sign’. The sign is provided with translucent reflective traffic foil. The unit recharges through a solar panel and is supplied with  battery housing. The sign with message is visible during the day as a ‘normal sign’ and is extra noticeable in the evening because of its lighting (possibly flashing) that is activated via a motion sensor.

Application Solar Safety
The system can easily be attached to a (mobile) pole at desired locations. Think of cycle paths, public place, squares or at waste containers. The ‘sign’ can easily be replaced with another one with a different message. The incentive at the right time, at the right location, has an effect on behaviour.

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